Purchasing Pixels
Your Graphic - In order to purchase pixels you must have a graphic ready. Your graphic must be the exact size of the space you want to purchase. We will not resize your graphic for you.
i.e. 4x4 squares on the grid = a 40px x 40px graphic or 1600 total pixels
i.e. 8x2 squares on the grid = a 80px x 20px graphic or 1600 total pixels
Upload & Placement - Upload and place your graphic on the grid in your desired location. Choose carefully, once the order has been paid for you will not be able to move your purchased pixels.
Details - Provide a title, URL, optional talking points and additional graphic. These details will provide substance to your graphic and allow the live stream to have accurate information about your advertisement.
Checkout - Pay for your pixels through our secure checkout processed by Square.
Each 10px by 10px square costs $100 or $1/pixel
Get Published - An administrator will review all orders individually and publish them if they meet all the rules listed below. If an advertisement does not meet the guidelines then it will be denied and changes will be requested.

The Tattoo
Why & Who? - This project was started by me, Jordan Anders, after waking up from a dream and saying the words "Million Pixel Tattoo". At that point I hadn't fully realized what I was saying. After waking up completely and thinking about those words, I remembered the Million Dollar Homepage from 2005. I decided on the spot to update the concept and MillionPixelTattoo.com was born.

"But why would someone put such a horrific tattoo on their body?" I have a few answers for that, the first being the potential income. I would be lying if I said money didn't have some part to do with it. This amount of money would help my family immensely. My wife and I have three children and are adopting a fourth. I would like to not have to worry about their college futures and the amount of debt they will have from student loans (like my wife and I do).
Secondly, its only a tattoo and I will have a great story behind it whenever someone asks about it.
Lastly, you only live once and there aren't many oppurtunities where you can stand out and do something different and fun. I think this is my chance for that.
Tattoo Details - The tattoo itself will be 16"x16" on my back and will be inked by Award-Winning Artist Mike Davis.
Each session of the tattoo will be live streamed on Twitch. The live stream will be split screen with myself clicking through the links and showing the linked web sites while discussing with Mike Davis (and potentially others present) each and every advertisement.

What You Get
MillionPixelTattoo.com Forever - Your advertisement will be displayed on MillionPixelTattoo.com FOREVER!
(or until the rise of the machines and the internet as we know it stops existing ;) )
Tattoo'd Forever - Your advertisement will be tattoo'd on the back of a man FOREVER!
This is not only an image of your advertisement on my back but also a huge talking point that will drive people to MillionPixelTattoo.com and to view the streams and click the links.
Live Streaming - As mentioned, your advertisement will be clicked and talked about during the tattoo live stream sessions. These videos will be posted on the MillionPixelTattoo.com website after each streaming session for others to view at later dates.
Social Media - Upon approval of your advertisement, it will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. The live streams will also be linked to from these accounts during and after each stream.
Internet History - Honestly, MillionDollarHomepage.com has been around since 2005 and is considered a great part of internet history. There is no reason why MillionPixelTattoo.com can not do the same. You can be apart of that history.

The Rules
Hate Speech - No racist, hateful or derogatory advertisements or terms will be permitted. Not only is it wrong on many levels, but these images will be tattoo'd on a mans body forever.
Adult Content - Direct links to pornography or images depicting pornography will be denied. Dating websites and services will be permitted.
Getting Ink'd - The tattoo will be completed in four sessions. Each session will begin in 25% of pixel sale increments.